There are many details to finalize that have no end. So you see the players running into the premises of La Rural in Palermo, as if they were improvised. But so many areas to cover that there is always something in the pipeline. From the mechanical, seeking to optimize the vehicles to the personal. Forgetting the kit with personal hygiene items, for example, can be a major complication during the 17 days that there is no access to civilization, only acceleration in the middle of nowhere and refuge in the camp.

The Dakar requires speed and organization long before the start, which will take place at 14.30 on the first day of the year, near the Obelisk, and the attraction and passion that has earned during his visit to our ground, thousands of followers who seek to come to feel part of the great competition. Everything must be in place, although the presence of nearly a million spectators at the start, as happened last year, appears to overwhelm the forecasts. Is that, each in its own way, want to enjoy this adventure that will cross the roads of Argentina and Chile for two weeks.

Argentina's most likely to be starring in the general classification of cars, Orly Terranova, not let out a glass vial containing soil and sand. "A boy approached the booth and asked me to accept this gift. I said that is dedicated to walking and running in inhospitable places. He told me to bring land of the Himalayas, where he competed. And that brings me luck. I waiting for my truck, "the BMW X3, to place the bottle inside the car," said Mendoza.

Small stories this huge competition caters travel nearly 10,000 miles, which will run to the extreme north of Chile, Arica, near the border with Peru, before returning to Buenos Aires. All who are here at La Rural, dream re-enter the premises through the front door. That is the only objective.

Volkswagen powerhouse comes again as a great candidate. And will look to keep unbeaten in South America, and that comes from victories, with the help of South African Giniel De Villiers and Carlos Sainz Spanish. Both, along with Qatar's Nasser Al-Attiyah and American Mark Miller, will use the new version of the Touareg, which has already been tested on land in Argentina during the last trial, in areas of the town of Lima, in Zárate.

Opposite is the X-Raid team, with the BMW X3 is the French champion Stéphane Peterhansel, 9 times Dakar winner, 6 on motorcycles and three cars remaining. Within this bracket will compete Terranova, who will try to amalgamate their experience with the power of the German team. Besides having seven vehicles, the team will also feature a Mini Cooper. Built especially for the Dakar, the Mini AII4 be conducted by the French Guerlain Chicherit. Apart from the novelty, which aims to allocate the efforts of the mark in that model only appears the spectacular American Hummer Robby Gordon, the pilot charismatic style shows off the top of the powerful vehicle.

The bikes also have their appeal. At least the great respect of all competitors, as it warns that there is value to having to drive a machine, maintaining balance in adverse areas, read the roadmap and to withstand inclement weather.

Frenchman Cyril Despres, winner of the last Dakar, and Spanish rider Marc Coma, who won the first one was held in the country, probably played the lead until the end. Both were trained in the Gran Buenos Aires-see page 4 - and putting the finishing touches to face the great competition bikes which will house up to 450 cm3, which aims to bring regulatory action to other brands that are not just KTM, as do the favorites.

For example, Chile deposited its illusions about the road to Francisco Francisco Lopez, to accelerate an Aprilia, like Gerard Farres. BMW will also have representation on two wheels, with David Fratigne, Paulo Goncalves and Frans Verhoeven. Yamaha also betting on the quads of Patronelli brothers, also compete with Jordi Viladoms and Helder Rodrigues.

Among the Argentinians, Eduardo Alan will convey their experiences following his third Dakar in these latitudes and its interventions in Africa. The Cross Country champions Argentina, Javier Pizzolito, officially represent Honda, seeking revenge, 2010, when he suffered the fire of your machine just before the start. Paul Busin will compete, as Rodolfo Bollero, while Kawasaki will be represented by Marcelo Sánchez.

Especially in the quads, the expectation, with the confirmation of Mark Patronelli, focuses on the physical conditions of the pilot of Las Flores, who is recovering from breaking both ankles, ruptured a ligament and a broken collarbone. Now, the responsibility for getting the best result rests on the shoulders of his brother, Alexander, who in 2010 was second behind Mark. Among the Argentinians, the Sebastian Mendoza Halpern has experience and great condition to fight up, while among the foreigners, the Czech Josef Machacek attempt to republish the triumph of 2009.

On the powerful trucks, perhaps the most striking vehicles Dakar, hegemony belongs to the Russian Kamaz team, with driver Vladimir Chagin.

The start tomorrow will be just to start the first section of this link, which will end in the city of Victoria Entre Ríos. From there depart on Sunday bound for Cordoba, special tests, completing the first stage. Just after tomorrow afternoon appear first records of competition.