Actor Jorge Garcia wheel these days in Madrid, a Spanish comedy Maktub title, which plays a Mexican immigrant who runs a restaurant. Maktub word comes from Arabic, means "was written"

The film, starring Diego Peretti, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon and Goya Toledo has among the cast with Rosa Maria Sarda, Amparo Baró, Mariví Bilbao and Enrique Villar and the special collaboration of Laura Esquivel, the protagonist of the series Ugly Duckling.

The director brings his own experience in dealing with sick children Manolo (Diego Peretti), is in crisis. Routine work is unbearable, her marriage to Beatriz (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) is on the verge of chaos and has very bad relationship with their children. But random crosses Antonio (Andoni Hernandez) canary boy of 15 years with cancer but with a desire to live and be happy very contagious. And from that meeting their whole life changes.

Antonio's mother (Goya Toledo), the mother of Manolo (Amparo Baró) and its unique partner (Mariví Bilbao), the neighbor of the family (Enrique Villa), a fun food dealer (Jorge Garcia), a quirky nurse (Rosa Maria Sarda) and the sister of one of the patients in the hospital (Laura Esquivel), transformed the tedious Manolo life in this magical Christmas tale.

Paco Arango debut in film directing from a screenplay inspired by his own experience over 11 years of work with his foundation Aladina trying to improve the lives of children with cancer during their stay in the hospital. For the film director intended as a lesson in life.

The film is produced by Smiles That Make Magic Productions, in collaboration with Antena 3 and the distribution of Warner Bros.

Source: 20 Minutes