The beautiful Larissa Riquelme once again denied having an affair with the player of Deportivo San Martin, Walter Fretes, who was seen dancing on some photos that have been taken at the end of the year, although she said otherwise.

"It's okay to Fretz, please lie that is half of Paraguay, it was to raise their sales because somehow I caught my attention, but so did out of jealousy because I work in a popular newspaper and its image" The newspaper said Bocón.

Similarly, spectacular Paraguayan model indicated that the photo that appears Fretes dancing five years ago is back and both were with their partners. "That picture where I'm dancing with him was five years ago in El Valle, where he lives, we were both with our partners, and I am friends with his wife," she said.

On the other hand, said Larissa spent the New Year alone in the emotional level, and that some time ago ended its relationship with the designer Koke Onetto, but had a great night together with all his family and to have a boyfriend will be long and their work and constant travel does not allow you to be with someone.

"Alone in the sentimental, but my whole family in Villa Liza. It's been a while we ended up with Koke, because in my lifestyle I can not be with someone or I will be for long because despite many pretenders from all over the world, I have to take the job and someone on the side can not, "she concluded.