INDEC technical director, Norberto Itzcovich (right), director Ana Maria Edwin and director of the Permanent Household Survey, Claudio Comari during the presentation of the Annual Survey of Urban Households.
"Very, very well," answered Ana Maria Edwin, director of INDEC about how we are progressing technical discussions with the IMF for the preparation of the National Consumer Price Index. Immediately clarified the wording of the link with the body saying that "the characteristics of this joint work are strictly technical, to the adequacy of methodologies that set international agencies, including the Fund. What we want to pursue is a price index consumer truly national level. "

In relation to when it will come a new mission of the IMF technical, she said they are in permanent contact and "surely they will come, as we can go to there," said Edwin. At the time, played down the importance of working with the multilateral agency noted that the technical meetings held are similar to those with "with various statistical offices such as the European Community and Japan, among others.

"There are multiple sources of information that refers to the INDEC before defining a methodology to be applied. The Fund's recommendations are not binding, in the technical work will take into consideration various recommendations," he said.

• Household Survey

On another subject, presented a new methodology for the Permanent Household Survey (EPH) which shows that unemployment in the country is 7.4% while the level of activity is located at 44.7% and employment 41, 4%.

The figures were slightly modified from those reported in November last with 30 percentage point improvement in the representativeness of the sample for the traditional PHS. In the previous release, the PHS had placed these variables in 45.9%, 42.5% and 7.5% respectively.

The new Annual Survey of Urban Households (EAHU), a new survey launched by the INDEC in the third quarter of 2010 and expands the universe of measuring the Permanent Household Survey representation reaching 90% of total population country.

The difference is that with "the new measure, passed from one level of representation from 60 to 90% of the total representation of the country," said the head of the INDEC, Ana Maria Edwin. This means that it measures all towns with more than two thousand inhabitants, which means passing numbers of 24.5 million to 36.5 million.

"The EAHU is an advantage to define public policies on the region and involves planning for the entire territory of the country," said Edwin. "The newest data from this survey was that the rate of employability, unemployment and occupation has almost the same levels in large cities inside the country, unlike what some analysis showed, was the director of the PHS Claudio Comari.

Also participated in the meeting with the press INDEC technical director, Norberto Itzcovich. The EAHU be held the third quarters of each year and also the PHS will continue as they are instruments that provide information for the periods between censuses.

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