Amaicha Valley, ancestral, solitary and peaceful, woke cosmopolitan, crowded and noisy. The sun, ever present, the only thing that retains its traditional landscape this city surprised by the arrival of thousands of tourists and car fans from all over Argentina and other countries.

The village is seven kilometers away from El Brete, the place where morning from seven o'clock in the morning, start the competition of the Dakar rally.

Gabriela Suarez, from the tourist office of the commune amaicheña, told the Gazette that the hotel rooms are occupied 100%. "We have over 400 posts between Amaicha, Los Zazos and Ampimpa, but everything is full. Have enabled family houses and private rooms to meet demand. For today in the afternoon is expecting even more visitors," he said.

In this regard, the district reported that enabled a phone number (0381-155624079) to inquire about available accommodation in the area. "These actions usually take seasonal (summer) or, for example, for the Feast of the Pachamama. Now we played with the Dakar," he said Suarez. According to the characteristics, the night in a family house or room can cost between $ 25 and $ 50 per person.

With regard to food, prices are affordable. For example, a typical menu instead of seven humitas with wine, which can eat up to three people costs $ 60. As a coffee costs five pesos.

The fact to keep in mind is that from midnight on Route 307 will be cut in the stretch from the roundabout at The Brete Amaicha

Source Gaceta