The elections for chief and deputy chief of government, locals and 30 legislators for the first time, community representatives began at 8 in 623 locations referred to the vote, albeit with delays in opening tables in some establishments, which were normalized to 9.

A total of 2,482,868 citizens are eligible to vote in 5610 on 623 tables set up polling places this election day will close at 18.

Chief of Staff of the City government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, said that while "some schools" there were "some problems with tables of authorities," at about 9 the situation "was normalized in most cases" .

Speaking to the press made at the door of the Cafe Tortoni, Larreta Rodriguez said that "in some schools, there was absence of presidents, but not many cases."

"There were some schools with problems of authorities but they were covering and, by this time, most are normalized," appropriated Cabinet Chief Executive of Buenos Aires at about 9 on Sunday.

The building of the University CAECE-in Avenida de Mayo 800, where the 10 vote the prime minister, Mauricio Macri-opened 45 minutes after the start of the election.

The delay was due to the table where he was the Chief Executive pay was Buenos Aires on the third floor and the president decided to lower it to table downstairs to avoid problems in the presence of the press that would record the time of voting .