Silvina Luna's lawyer said that # elvideo was stolen, so they filed a lawsuit in order to find the responsible. He confessed that the star called it "desperate" and he replied: "When it comes to knowledge of search engines, we are in the oven."

Speaking to the AM program broadcast by Telefe, Dr. Martin Leguizamon remarked that he uploaded the video violated "the right to privacy."

"Do not confuse freedom of the press to the violation of privacy, I have no doubt that this right must be respected," he said.

In this regard, said that the Google search engine and blocked access to video, like Yahoo.

To highlight the downside it means to follow cases of dissemination of personal Interntet material for the speed with which exparse, counsel recommended "few videos Caserita film, best left in the memory of each one."

"New technology can do damage instantly, it seems very unfair because it is a video made as a couple," said Leguizamon.

Source Minuto Uno