President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner inaugurated on Tuesday night a giant portrait of Eva Peron on the south facade of the Ministry of Social Development, former Minister of Public Works, where the August 22, 1951 the "bearer of the humble" resigned from the candidacy for Vice President's Office.

The event, preceded by a torchlight march of social organizations, unions and activists, end at 20.25, when the president talks to recall the figure of Evita, whose death on Tuesday met 59 years.

The portrait was made of iron by the artist Daniel Santoro and reproduces the image of Evita appears on the cover of the book "The Reason for My Life" and at night is illuminated with LED multicolored lights.

The mural, 31 feet high by 24 wide and weighs 15 tons, will be located at the top of the building, the facade on Belgrano Avenue.

The central scenario of the event will be located at the corner of Avenida 9 de Julio and Venezuela and the president's speech will be minutes after the discovery of the image, at 20.25, time of death of Eva Peron.

Activities begin at 17, in Independence and Paseo Colón, from where a torchlight march of political, union and social