Service rate: a recent survey reveals that 86% of customers have stolen an object of the hotels where they were staying. Of these, an anecdotal one percent are harder thieves: those who take the silverware and electronics. The rest stay with accessories without much substance, though some have economic value. Some also practiced properly so delusional as the bibles of the coffee table. Or even worse: a British hotel manager recognized that there were times when their guests had so many brushes bath decided to remove them. Here we leave the list: Towels
Who has not ever been in the bathroom of a friend and found that it was drying his hands on the words "Neptune Hotel Benalmadena"? A classic that will be running, since there is already a security method that labels sewn washable and pita on the door of the premises.

Does not do much and are hard to camouflage, but it seems that people are still doing. Then there is the extra problem that you do play with what you have at home. More than one will notice the bright orange stolen given Kick your sofa covered with flowers.

As we explained earlier, these things will end, as it has invented a new method for label-based security whistle washable. It has been proven in a hotel in Hawaii and losses have fallen from 5,000 to $ 1,000, approximately.

Some will take them pay and annoy others. Many motels are chained to the TV cabinet, making it much more uncomfortable to use for people who do not steal. There are those who resign themselves to take the batteries.

This is also typical of inheritance: the family discussed who gets the ceiling caps. In the hotels many use to collect parts at home, you never know when it will melt the condemned.

Contents of the minibar
At one o'clock every bottle seems cheap, but at the time of check out is another matter and customers choose to leave the French or flatly deny that they have eaten nothing. Another option is to fill the wicked vodka bottles with tap water to see if school.

As absurd scary. So many stores have the hook of each hanger bar set in the closets. The best security is to make the object of desire in a bowl of little use.

Bath trays
They have very small profit, but people are taking the following is not known whether for a souvenir, mischief or to handle illegal substances.

Coffee Packets
Usually put more than one person can consume, but it is usual to disappear all by what might happen during the day for a walk. And the cafes in tourist cities are more expensive than desired.

Plastic containers of wipes
Who does not want to have one at home? It is most convenient to mourn in the middle of the film or a dry time COPAZ falling on the carpet. Do not sell these things in China?