Commercial flights were suspended by the presence of ash in the air space of Buenos Aires on Saturday resumed gradually, while governors and mayors of Patagonia will meet Monday with President Cristina Fernandez to discuss the situation.

The action of winds and snowfall in the last few hours did stop the arrival of volcanic ash on the mountain towns like Bariloche and Villa La Angostura, where they continued the work of repair and cleaning.

While commercial air services were normalized between 8 and 10 from the airport of Ezeiza and Buenos Aires, San Carlos de Bariloche and Neuquén stations will air without operating at least until Wednesday when authorities in aviation civil re-examine the situation as it had large amount of ash accumulated in the soil.

Meanwhile, the governors of Black River and Neuquén, Jorge Miguel Saiz and Sapag, confirmed late on that Monday, when it is one month of the emergency, will meet with the president to define "concrete actions" that will in the region was declared a "disaster area" and social and economic emergency by the Senate of the Nation.

For this, the radical and popular Saiz Sapag Neuquen travel to Buenos Aires with mayors of the cities most affected in each province, as the village head of Bariloche, Marcelo Cascón and colleague of Villa La Angostura, Ricardo Alonso.

Officials also will present to Cristina actions of provincial governments to address the crisis that opened the ashes to the possible fall of winter tourism, such as granting tax benefits and credits for business plans.

In this context almost a month before the rain of ashes, the governor visited Black River on Friday announced a credit Bariloche and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), tax benefits, loans to boost construction and expansion of social programs .
Saiz said at the meeting that "many of the things expressed in the ordinance of the municipality," he declared economic disaster in the city were "orchestrated" by the Revenue Department and the Ministry of Family as the "increase of social plans to mitigate the effects of low economic activity to the non-arrival of international tourism. "

The governor said that his administration provided 1.4 million dollars to the municipality to tackle the first half of emergency by the presence of ash and indicated that given another contribution of one million dollars in contributions from the Treasury to local authorities when he visited Engineer Jacobacci.
"From day one there was in San Carlos de Bariloche ministers addressing the issues raised and there was a permanent presence of the provincial government through its teams of different ministries," he said.

"The discussion if I was coming or not coming totally secondary," added to the criticism generated have not visited the city before. In Neuquén, meanwhile, the mayor of Villa La Angostura put together an overview of the situation and infrastructure needs of the city on a compilation of three compact discs delivered to the President stating that the meeting will be "fundamental" for the city .

The governor said Sapag that the meeting "convened by the President," Patagonian officials will present "needs work, concrete actions and certainly in the context of the law that was passed the Senate."

In this regard, estimated that in principle may have direct fiscal measures on Income Tax and Personal Property