Gerardo Alberto Martinez major Argentine union leader and former chief of the General Confederation of Workers was uncovered: He was a spy during the last military dictatorship that killed more than 30,000 people between 1976 and 1983.

Located in the order of a list number 2798 disturbing the "List of the Civilian Intelligence that journals in the period 1976-1983", ie the dictatorship. The Martinez since 2798 has the DNI 11,934,882. That does say. This marks the general secretary of the Construction Workers Union of Argentina (UOCRA), one of the country's most powerful union, the former secretary general of the CGT, to which he aspired to return to the impulse of President Cristina Kirchner . On civil intelligence agent during military rule was unknown. Yesterday, the Union of Workers of the Construction Industry and Allied Workers (SITRAIC), the CTA opposition and various human rights organizations filed a criminal complaint against Martinez asked to be arrested and being subjected to a statement from having been a member "Battalion 601" to "be defined legally as a conspiracy within the whole criminal genocidal plan implemented by the Argentine government in the last military dictatorship."

The plaintiffs, who filed a brief in federal court by Sergio Torres, also claim to be investigated promptly if Martinez committed crimes against humanity relating to the cases of 105 detainees-disappeared during the dictatorship were members of the UOCRA. According to union sources, Martinez came in just today leads the union in 1978.

Says the court SITRAIC written, CTA, CORREPI and the Association of Former Detainees Disappeared (among others): "Under the dictatorship, and also from previous times, the Battalion 601 is specialized in making intelligence on those groups and individuals deemed subversive using infiltration tactics, stalking, kidnapping, torture and eventual disappearance by tracking captives and concealment or destruction of bodies. "

Clarin reported on Monday UOCRA to ask whether Martinez was actually civil intelligence agent during the dictatorship and had indeed been the case, asked to explain what were their functions. Yesterday he repeated the call.

Martinez avoided answering about it. From their union slipped into a principle that the chief union now has 55, so it would have been too young during the dictatorship to have had relevant work. The simplest mathematical sampling the head of the UOCRA was 22 in 1978.

The so-called "List of Civilian Intelligence that journals in the period 1976-1983" is on line at the site of the National Memory Archive, and issued by Decree 4 / 2010 signed by President Cristina Kirchner, the Minister of Justice, Julio Alak, and the then Defence Minister Nilda Garre.

He spent over a year since the list of intelligence officers of the Armed Forces during the dictatorship made public until it was learned that Martinez was included in it.

The complaint filed yesterday in the Torres court asks "what was possible, since joining the repressive structure of intelligence, to date, the accused shall enjoy adequate protection official union continue to work without their connection became known the repressive apparatus genocidal dictatorship. " Following this logic, the complainants request that "establish, on time, who were responsible for the cover, especially since the list of personnel mustered in Battalion 601 was issued by the Government itself, silencing the affiliation of the accused."

On May 15, in his column "The political primacy," published in Página 12, Horacio Verbitsky wrote that the government "suggests" that drives Gerardo Martinez to replace Hugo Moyano the secretary general of the CGT, one ghost that haunts the truck driver, and adds a line may now take further support: "Finally, the Government has a disqualifying report on the performance of Martinez during the military dictatorship."

What does that folder? Do you have information on the actions of the secretary general of the civil agent UOCRA Intelligence Battalion 601? The Government has not made public, nor has it been presented in court to denounce Martinez.