The magazine's note that Brenda Asnicar Soon said he was dabbling in politics through his brother (who is active in the Workers' Party) surprised many.

And then the impact generated by the interview, the former Ugly Duckling could explain its position in other media. "In the magazine said I'm girl, and when I turned 18 I decided that I have to take responsibility for some things military and (...) My brother is the approach that had the policy," said Brenda told radio telling its inception in militancy concerned about the efforts of the working class: "I started getting involved more in issues such as the killing of Mariano Ferreyra, which made me think in reality that did not previously have considered. Many work long hours, and do not receive the salary they deserve. "

The actress was struck by the reaction some people had when they read the interview soon and called it a "lefty": "Everyone told me that. Reviews of many rights. It was a political opinion I gave, that everyone is entitled to do it. "

For Brenda the gap between social classes is more disturbing today. "I have work and I can have my house full refrigerator, and a warm blanket, I seem selfish to say, how good, there are many things that are bad and not bad to say," he said, adding that he "would like things direrentes were. "

The role of adolescents in politics also came under his eye when he claimed there were no plans designed for them, but acknowledged that among people age there is plenty of inaction: "We all complain, and nobody does anything."

When asked if she could get to get to active military, said he is in a time of transition and analysis of the future: "I'm trying myself to think my ideals, see where I go (...) I would not rule anything" .