The international organization Avaaz revealed that since March 2918 remain unaccounted for Syrians who were arrested or kidnapped by the regime of Bashir al Assad, after the popular revolt started against him. Also said that the repression in that country and left a toll of 1,634 dead, mostly unarmed protesters during demonstrations for Friday prayer.

The arrests were recorded 26 000, although more than half has already been released. "Hour after hour, peaceful protesters are torn from crowds by infamously brutal security forces of Syria, not to be seen again," he said in a statement the executive director of the social organization, Ricken Patel.

Researchers of the organization also has a presence in Buenos Aires published the finding in its website, which also launched a campaign of accessions for "Save the Missing in Syria," which aims to collect 100 000 signatures.

Al Asaad accused of protests outside conspirators and religious fanatics, while acknowledging the need for some reforms and repression mixed with some concessions to the opposition, which rejects them and calls for his resignation.

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