Brenda Asnicar was in the limelight by the romance he had with the "player of the people," Carlitos Tevez, who finally decided to return to his wife and mother of two daughters, Vanessa Mansilla.

After separation, it seems that the actress Ugly Duckling are looking for someone who can speak English a little better, a man who not only managed to say "very difficult".

Confessed in his account of the social network Twitter, Brenda is in love with teen idol Justin Bieber, the singer who is number one in the world among teenagers.

While Justin is going through a romance with singer Selena Gomez, Asnicar not lost hope and even joked when he wrote that he had fought with a friend because he said he was "in love with Justin Bieber and she said to her."

Upon learning of this actress her love for the singer, his fans felt. Some advised that the place of Justin Bieber Justin Timberlake elect, while others assured him that "it is a bombonazo."