Renew votes of confidence for players who almost never understood the debut was the strategy to rebuild the road map of Argentina in the Copa America. The requirement to take a firm step against Colombia, a rival of mature parts and other experimentation, resulted in another false action, which left the team is reading a knot. The draw 0-0 bared that the selection is far from enthusiastic and the script needs to be revised. The saves were the mainstay of Romero to treasure a fragile illusion.

It started with patience and control in Argentina. He circulated the ball, and although the domain is running away from the goal Colombian could think that the lesson was learned after the debut of laziness with Bolivia. But the ideas on a computer that is supposedly designed to be thinking in a game of touch and out of control were making faces of disgust and looked out and the presentation. As the rival movements adjusted to remove spaces, impotency and discomfort increased. The set failed, no unbalanced individuality, and the contagion effect of the public no longer a plus for becoming a heavy burden. This passage caught it cleverly uncertainty Colombia, which did not deviate from his script, the one that passed without secrets Bolillo Gomez. Resist the fence away from Martinez and be sharp with the speed of the external leaflets was the recipe she carefully tested during the days of preparation.