There are athletes who never tire of adding titles in the fields of both grass and brick, but in the case of Juan Martin del Potro, his greatest achievements seem to be outside the courts.

It seems that "Delpo" just scored a new point in its favor with model Cecilia de Liberti, a blonde who does not boast of dating tennis player, but with "Juan de Tandil," as he told the Chronicle newspaper in its print edition .

"We've known a month ago, when he was out. For me it was a secret, but I told someone, who could not keep the secret ...", said the model. "We began talking to Facebook and then the pin cell," he said.

Del Potro did not need to send pictures of themselves to gain the trust of De Liberti, and yet the girl hesitated to be chosen by the player. "Then I said I wanted to be the first thing I wanted to see when he returned," said shocked.

Apparently, "Delpo" took refuge in the arms of the blonde after being out of the tournament in London. "We saw on Wednesday. After losing at Wimbledon came to the country and we saw," she agreed.

"When I arrived in Buenos Aires wanted us to do all things together for that day, but I got untimely, because I had my doubts," said De Liberti. "For me it is a person re simple, is not Juan Martín del Potro, Juan de Tandil is," he said.

"I went home, we were talking about. There you have to have ... There were kisses, all with ease. But the truth is that we are knowing," said the blonde, who did not return to meet with the player yet, according it, the persecution of the press.