A new championship clubs A and B, with one million two hundred thousand dollars provided by the national government, ending with the Torneos y Competencias contract to transmit B.

With 22 votes against with 4 abstentions and one absence, the club gave free rein to a project, from next year, will merge with the B Division First National will remove the top flight descents for a season and double the revenue clubs for TV rights. Julio Grondona has the nod of the national government to double the contract of Football For All, which would be pesos instead of 600 million agreed when the FAA terminated the relationship with Grupo Clarin and Tournaments and Competitions.

The proposal was devised by Daniel Vila, president of Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza and the main opposition to Grondona, who brought it to Daniel Passarella, president of River. The club's vice Nunez, Diego Turner, handed it to the boss of the street Viamonte. But there was no time to implement the project to save River. Don Julio kept the sketches and presented yesterday afternoon at the height of Ezeiza, which brought together 60 leaders of the clubs in Primera B Nacional and other categories.

And although there were some representatives who were responsible for breaking up the new map of football in the previous gatherings, none objected to the evaluation of this plan which has several loose ends and only be confirmed on 18 October, when the Assembly to be held extraordinary year for re-election Grondona in front of the AFA.

"How do I explain to my partner that I do my signature up to Central, which did no credit to be on First?" Complained Llorente. Velez, the club with the best average of the last seasons, also disagreed. Racing felt it had to discuss with your Board. And All Boys, through Bugallo said that he did not "serious" need to approve a project that released that same time, sparking a rebuke from the clubs of Ascension, whose leaders jumping on one leg for this new scenario that puts them closer to the A and strong money from television.

Cherquis Bialo explained that opens a new era for Argentine football: "We face a new communications order, social, sporting and political." This revolution will mean in effect a new contract between the state and the AFA for the televised matches in the framework of the Football For All: "The new championship is a new system of economic rewards. It would create a new partnership between AFA State and that would require the termination of the current contract between the company and tournaments Trisa the first B Nacional, "said Cherquis Bialo. In that agreement would be stipulated an increase in the amount that could double as high as $ 1.2 billion.

Guidelines. The championship for the 2012/2013 season will consist of 38 teams, divided into two zones. But there will be "available date" for anyone, but to be played "zonal" and will only be classics. Will total 20 games for each team.

The top five finishers in each area will access the "Zone Championship" which will take the title at stake. At that possibility is also ranked best overall in a table 9. The 19 remaining teams will play in the "Zone Competition" and will have as main objective permanence. Who is at the top of Zone championship after playing 18 dates (this time it would be free) will be the champion and access the Libertadores. Next to qualify for the Cup champion from 2 to 4 ° (and champion of the Copa Argentina).

Like anything new, it is still difficult to understand the form that exists and, moreover, lack the modifications that can make the clubs for the meeting of October 18. That day, not coincidentally, the Assembly shall elect the president of the AFA. Perhaps the same now offers clubs a contract for 1,200 million pesos.

Chau Checho

The National Teams Committee, the same as a few days earlier had voted for continuity, last night I got the thumb. For Julio Grondona, who boasts of not having never thrown a technician during his tenure, decided to "rescind" the link.

But beware, that major surgery can also come to include Carlos Bilardo. Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, Viamonte Street spokesman said the manager and the technicians of the youth, Oscar Garre, Sub 17, and his assistant Walter Perazzo July Olarticoechea in the Sub 20, will enter a "period of observation and assessment '. They stumble in office. Although the Doctor could be free of guilt and expense, thanks to the patronage of the Head of the AFA. Last night the former technician said in his program that he put his resignation at the disposal of the AFA.

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