Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Zendaya Coleman, Camilla Belle among others come into play to be associated with Demi Lovato initiative to combat bulimia.

The campaign bears the name "Love is Louder as the Pressure to be Perfect," "Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect" and promoted by Jed Foundation, aims to raise awareness especially in today's teens that sometimes prefer not to eat to maintain a good figure, forgetting that what we have really beautiful inside, that is our way of being, thinking, feeling and the outer is only a cover. Miley Cyrus and Victoria Justice have never fallen into this evil, as the would already have happened to Demi Lovato and fortunately today is healed.

The young and popular star once again use their weapons through social networks to raise awareness of collaborating in the dissemination of social or political causes.

Hopefully this initiative will serve the whole of something and can go much further, to the point of creating a real awareness of the world where adolescent girls and finally the world population is not valued by our physical appearance. With Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato thanks thanks thanks Victoria Justice and all the stars that provide sensitivity and humility to our lives