It is 2060 and will fight for water in a future city of Buenos Aires Peronist. Luis Barone's film will premiere in April.
Zenitram will overshadow you "Batman?

"Zenitram, an Argentine who flies" is the name of the film directed by Luis Barone which opens in April and comes to the big screen installed on the first superhero Peronist.

In 2060, a boy wonder in Villa 31 de Retiro with his superpowers: fly, has super strength, see and hear beyond what any mortal would be able to. But the vulnerability is located in your character. The media and popular affection elevate him fame that can not handle, accepts high office in the government of the day and boarding school ends in Super Heroes Hospital in Miami, reports the magazine Viva.

The return to the country, Buenos Aires brings 20 years without rain, it will pose the biggest challenge of his life.

The artist Daniel Santoro has a room of his house occupied by the model of Peronist City where the film is developed and the sketches of the superhero who plays John Minujín.

"The idea was to build a universe set of Peronism. As if carrying hundreds of years old and we were in front of his decline. The cars, for example, are all a winged Evita in the tube.

As in any superhero movie worth its salt, needed ... and wanted the terrace floor 31 of Kavanagh, but the consortium, which counts Martinez de Hoz among its members never authorized the use of the building for these purposes. Then they made a real size replica of the floor 31 in the study.

In fiction, and after losing his job as a garbage dump, the main character discovers the power of water in a bath of Constitution and in a Buenos Aires in which 20 years ago does not rain, water is everything. Zenitram's character transforms from situations that ask for your help.