The director of "The secret of their eyes" not yet out of his amazement and said he was stunned by the impact after winning the Oscar for best foreign film. "Tomorrow I will raise a glass of water and I was surprised to see the statue". "

Although accustomed to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars, Juan Jose Campanella, not out of his amazement after he won the Oscar for "The secret of his eyes." "This strikes me lie" he said after take the statuette for best foreign film.

"When you go up on stage you have a sense of bewilderment, really like any award," he confessed. "But I think tomorrow when I get up to drink water and I was standing there crossing it (the statue), I think I will drop the tab, said at a news conference at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood.

"The secret ..." was the big surprise of the night as the international press and added a second Oscar for Argentina after "The Official Story" will take the same award in 1985 after competing with four other films, most recently, "The Son of the bride "(2001), also directed by Campanella.

Campanella's film won the Peruvian "The Empty Nest," France "Un Prophete (The Prophet), the Israeli" Ajami "and the favorite in the betting: Germany's" The White Ribbon (white tape) Winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes and Golden Globe

"Not only am I saying that five films are radically different between them. It shows a mind-opening of the Academy that is very powerful," said Campanella, with Oscar in hand.

The triumph of his work also shows that the Academy "does not care about the history covered by the film, about how many awards did somewhere, or political reasons, none of that." "Just vote for the movie they like, and that was proven," he added.
"The secret ..." Madrid had won two Goya Awards, one for best Latin American film and one for Soledad Villamil as actress. He also won five awards at the Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana.

Campanella, who attended the press conference together with, among others, the Spanish producer Gerardo Herrero and actor Guillermo Francella, relived the moment when he took the stage to receive the prize.

"I started to get nervous when I saw the meter going down ... 29 seconds, 28, 27 ... he remembered nothing of what he wanted, the truth is that it has been my best, and trying not to over commit Errors in English, "he told the stopwatch and complained that it showed the organizers. "Do not do that anymore," he asked after coming off stage and return to thank her family and friends at the microphone of the Oscars.

"I want to thank the friends of a lifetime: Fernando, Eduardo, Ricardo, Ismael, John Paul, my teachers, my classmates, my parents and all .... (them, pointing to the staff that accompanied it). I left ... And you both for letting me talk a little more. Please do not do that countdown again. It makes one very nervous, "said Oscar to the Thank You Cam (Camera Appreciation Awards) that followed the winners backstage.

After complaining that the organization of the awards had not left him to live "that extraordinary moment," Campanella said she was relaxed and had enjoyed all these days in Los Angeles and found that during the meeting he had with the other directors of the candidates best foreign film, "there was lots of communication" with Michael Haneke, director of "The white ribbon.

The Argentine, receiving an Oscar from the hands of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar supposed "double pride." "I met him on Saturday, great vibe, I felt like our movie came out," the director of U.S. series as "Dr. House" and "law and order".

This award for the film would give a strong boost trade, as acknowledged by the director himself. "Open ports even in countries where it was sold, now the launch will be different," he said. And he knows what he's talking, years ago working in the U.S. and knows perfectly the Hollywood environment.

In the U.S. The film premiered on April 16 and the figurine will make people think about winning, the film is already better, he said, for its part, the film's producer Gerardo Herrero.

"I took two vodka tonic with Francella and I ordered two thousand copies to Sony Pictures Classic," the distributor of the work in the U.S., Smith said laughing. "It gives us immense commercial opportunities" and "is a huge joy," he added.
Calculus, Haddock Films and 100 bars are the producers of this Hispano-Argentina co-production starring Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago, Guillermo Francella, Javier Godino.

"I had studied a speech in English for two hours and end all," said Smith, who ultimately could not speak on stage for lack of time.

In this sense it also said the director of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) of Spain, Ignasi Guardans. "It is an immense satisfaction," he said. "The credit goes to Argentina, but also a prize for the Spanish film," he added.

"It's confirmation that the force between two regions, the strength of the co-production could bring these wonderful results for the cinema," said producer of the film Argentina Mariela Besuievsky.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Francella, prompting laughter in his speech, said the Oscar is something "fantastic" and that Argentina is "really wonderful".

"I had to pull a rope, went straight to the stage," said the actor, who criticized them only 45 seconds to give thanks when others, like Sandra Bullock, "gave them five minutes."

Finally, revealed that Ricardo Darin is a difficult task to fulfill in front by winning the Oscar: the promise to give the victory lap of the Obelisk of Buenos Aires ... naked.