The incident began when a group of boys threw stones at a beehive. Six people were hospitalized with bites.

A swarm attacked students and staff of a school in the town of La Banda Santiago del Estero as six people, including four children, had to be hospitalized, while the authorities had to suspend classes.

The episode was recorded on Monday afternoon when a group of teens who are not students came up to it, to load drums with water on the campus of St. Joseph School number 1116, located on the outskirts of Banda.

The teens allegedly at one point began throwing stones at the pine site, where bees are established for years, which responded by attacking not only the boys, but students and their teachers who were currently in school, police said.

Students and teachers panicked because the insects biting anyone that moved, so one of those present suggested they go to an irrigation canal that is about one hundred meters away, as it was the only alternative for escape the situation.

The balance of the attack was six people interned in the Hospital Antenor Alvarez de la Banda, where they supplied the drugs indicated to treat these conditions.

Care center staff said none of the assisted living was in danger.

School officials stated that neither could give classes on Tuesday because the bees were still inflamed and still did not allow anyone from approaching the building.