He is 17 years and grades fifth year in high school in the city of Nogoyá. He was rewarded for his skills throughout the year. The authorities' decision was supported by parents and students, though there were complaints.

His name is male, but in their environment known as Kylie. It first escort the flag, averaging more than 9 and to make known their choice of going dressed as a woman put the school authorities in a dilemma. Was presented, in the act of beginning the school year and carrying the flag ceremonies, dressed as a woman but with the dust of man above, "not to draw attention to the smallest" said Kylie.

The president of the General Education Council of the province of Entre Rios, Graciela Bar, in connection with the case said that "respect the identity chosen by the individual citizen and there is no racial discrimination, religious or gender." She added "there was an agreement, everything is charged and the issue has been well addressed by the institution," while acknowledging that "this is the first time" that presents a case of its kind in the province of Entre Rios .

For his part, told local radio "Public Opinion", she said: "What I want is for people to understand me, I from the four years that I have this sexual choice, because I remember going to the garden and I confessed to my mom that I liked a buddy. She at that time played down, it would cover, but I knew I was going to be myself. "

Referring to his mother and how he received his decision stated: "We always supported me and the day I told him the choice of life, she accepted me as I am and always will be grateful. Like my brothers, all, they like me as am. "

On living with his schoolmates, Kylie noted "I do not get me wrong nor get along, go to school to study anything else and then I go home, but with peers is just what I mean. It will be by I am very close to talk and there are attitudes that do not like much. "

"Suffice it does not affect the behavior of others, or is not a source of uncomfortable situations, everyone can choose what you want in life," said Graciela Bar

A directive of the educational establishment where he is attending Kylie said: "Beyond that is self-imposed a feminine name, we, and not on a whim, we must continue addressing him with the name on your identity document, including the Being a minor and not legally allowed to change his identity.

With regard to their academic future, Kylie, who is averaging 9, confessed that his desire is to leave college and start Nogoyá "My desire is to continue studying and excelling as a professional. I like political science, the history teacher. In the branch of art I like dance and theater. " "If being a transvestite is a sin, I sin every second of my life," he concluded.