About 250 members of the United Hinchadas Argentinas (HUA) travel to South Africa in June this year to encourage the national team in the World Cup but the price of having great fanfare in the field could rub one million dollars.

"In principle, we were told we were going to spend $ 6 thousand dollars per person, but when traveling, meeting people and costs will be almost half, about three thousand-odd dollars," said Emilio Tagliarino, said the Full Field Blog , La Nacion.

But according to members of the HUA, the trip will be financed on their own, without help from government or local organizations to Kirchnerism, as was rumored as the leader of the organization, Marcelo Mallo, also campaigning in the movement Commitment K.

"We are funding us," Tagliarino, adding that everyone would travel by their own means and, if not possible, be funded from other activities. "We may get T-shirts and rifarlas. Some of us are well to do, or whatever. I bought the tickets and are traveling which is in order," he said.

HUA members insisted disengage with the government, as expressed Tagliarino, who is barrabrava Hurricane and spokesman for the organization: "The project was mixed with politics because Marcelo Mallo was the only one we heard," summarized.

"Nobody gives us anything. It is wrong to put the penguins and the K on the flags. We must demystify the handle bars are the unions, which are leading politicians. Bars are everywhere," the hooligan.

To help fund the trips are expected to help sales of a magazine by the HUA is to launch a radio program and even merchandising group. In addition, they would be in talks to have his own documentary about his experience in South Africa, at the hands of a producer that would be linked to driver Alejandro Fantino.