Once again, Senator Roxana Latorre Santa Fe was in the eye of the storm. As happened last year when his single signature to a majority opinion allowed the government to extend the delegated powers, the lawmaker returned to topple the fragile scaffolding panopositor: this time by announcing it would support the statement of the Central Bank president, Mercedes Marco del Pont, considering that the economist "was transformed into a scapegoat who was in the midst of the shootout between government supporters and opposition" and who "is committing a terrible injustice." Furthermore, charged that "in Parliament breathes a spirit coup. Thus, Latorre, but reaffirmed its opposition stance, just with an announcement once again left bare cracks antikirchnerista conglomerate who, seeing that he had the numbers to reject the contract decided not to quorum at the meeting and made everything ready for that next Wednesday, when I return to this issue, the Government seek to obtain approval of the staff.

"With Marco del Pont is committing a terrible injustice, I spent the Kirchnerism, but Cristina has to finish his term," said the Senator said. Care that Parliament coup breathes a spirit that has to go before. "With these words, Latorre specified the earthquakes that scuttled a new advanced opposition and came to adding uncertainty to the legislative map. And while it remains part said "the arch opponent, his actions showed that blindly follow the decisions of the fabric antikirchnerista, because he feels some interest in that sector have destituyentes intentions: it should be noted that" great care because there are many legislators who aim at the early handover of power ", he insisted, although he declined to name names.

"I am not captive to any space," said the Santa Fe. Honestly I am still part of the arch opponent, but my vote is not held captive, my vote is for the benefit of the Argentine people. "He added, not without irony:" Even as a Peronist, not come here to drive me Carrio. In an interview with Pagina/12, Latorre pointed out that the functioning of democracy "is a thin red line that must not be crossed ever and there are some sectors in which no such limit."

"Beyond the political decision to support the Central Bank president, the most troubling is his claim that there is a" spirit coup "in Congress. Who and how they promote it?

"I'm a national senator since 2001, I scored a fire that experience, it was the first promotion that came through direct vote and also inherited the failure of the Alliance and the unfortunate history of the old Senate, so I think that monitored the sake of democracy and caring for the relationship between Parliament and the Executive Branch is our great responsibility. Not for me to accuse anyone by name, but there is a section which states that "if Kirchner will have to go, let them go now," not recognizing a government elected by the polls. I am clearly oppositional, very critical of the ruling, I have demonstrated over the years. But before that I am an advocate of democracy.

"Specifically, what do you mean when you say some lawmakers who aim at the early handover of power?

"I will not point to any legislator in particular, but through the attitude of how they vote and behave within the committees and in the forum marked a line on the executive. There is a thin red line that must not be crossed ever and there are some sectors in which no such limit. It is also true that it was a degree of disrespect between the Government and Parliament, given that there was long a majority bloc with special majority of which were ignored so many proposals of the opposition and even dissenters within the officialdom. Now we face an era of consensus and dialogue, understanding the differences but spreading democracy.

- Does the current climate that is breathed in Congress will work on that?

"I think yes, there will, and I think in each of the sessions are going to go see. Going to have to work issue by issue, session by session. The arc consists of multiple opposition voices. Basically, be ignored the star and the nominations for 2011. This is a time of construction.

"Last week it was decided the new distribution of commissions that the officer considers progress on governance, why at that time supported the initiative dissident?

"The government abused its comfortable majority in Parliament, especially in the Senate, and moved with the arrogance of the vote. Somehow the fact that it has formed an arch opponent who has prioritized heterogeneous I find that healthy balance of the Nation.

- That's not arrogance to combat bullying?

"We ought to do in particular, but basically except in some isolated cases like that of Senator Carlos Menem, who took the negotiations to proceed on charges that he belonged to the ruling, I think it was related to a structuring of the representation of forces within Senate.

Interview: Nicolás Lantos.