The sheriff of San Nicolas Hugo Prado, who assisted in the operation, said the situation "is contained". About 2,000 residents burned the city, among other public buildings in retaliation for the deaths of two youths who clashed this morning on a van driven by a transit inspector that chased for fines and would have locked up.

Slowly and not without fear of renewed unrest, began after noon Baradero regain its usual calm. The Buenos Aires district was the scene this morning of extremely fiery riots that destroyed neighboring buildings and attacked public officials. The origin of the anger is in the death of two young motorcyclists who collided early this morning a patrol occupied by freight that would have locked in hot pursuit for a penalty.

The situation "is contained" the commissioner said this afternoon Hugo Prado, head of the Departmental of St. Nicholas, who assisted in the operation to disperse about 2,000 protesters, enraged, jumped out of bed this morning to hear the news death of two teenagers and went to the town square. First they burned the truck that would have caused the crash of the boys and then went back for more: fire to the building of the municipality, the Court of Misdemeanors and the headquarters of the Traffic Division. In addition, stoned the police chief.

"This is total chaos, I've lived here for years and never seen anything like that," had, in amazement and concern this morning Caesar Scollie journalist FM Weather in dialogue with TN. Moments later, the building of the radio would also become a target for destruction.

Fire and heavy smoke completed the landscape of destruction. The rich neighboring column that caused riots in the city prevented the arrival of firemen. "We have an overflow of family and people who burned the city unfortunately," explained the mayor of Baradero early Carossi Aldo.

Later would come the reinforcements would return gradually Baradero calm. The Buenos Aires police chief, Juan Carlos Paggi, confirmed that was sent to the area of the incident "a very significant amount of cash." "We needed to move reinforcements to contain the situation and cooperate with authorities and regain the public peace."

The fury unleashed by the death of two young motorcyclists-a girl and a boy, 16 and 17 this morning crashed into a truck from the Traffic Division. According to several witnesses, the teens were chased by troops who were pursuing them for a penalty. At the crossroads of Gallo and Belgrano, the patrol would have locked up and caused the fatal crash. The victims violently flew off the bike and died as a result of the heavy blow. Neither was wearing a helmet.

"I can not understand why they stopped it instead of killing him," asked Hugo Portugal this morning, the father of one of the boys, returning from a party of 15.

The mayor confirmed that the two Carossi inspectors involved in the accident were detained. "If you really are guilty of Justice will punish them," he said.