Central Bank President laid before the Senate Committee Agreements for his leadership of the BCRA. Regarding the transfer of reserves to the Treasury, Marco del Pont said he was "absolutely assured that the Central Bank acted in complete legality". The official said that "if it had not agreed with the use of reserves for debt repayment would have resigned, as he should have done the former president." The statement was rejected in a majority opinion of nine senators from the opposition and tomorrow will be analyzed by a full Senate.

The designated Central Bank president, Mercedes Marco del Pont, said he would have "liked" being present at the meeting of the Committee on Arrangements that he considered his statement and said "institutional quality makes the possibility of explaining who I am, where I come from and what was my actions in this month and a bit more in front of the Central Bank.

"I am a professional I have been militating for 25 years to promote economic development, inclusion, of industrialization. Permanently've been on the sidewalk in front of neoliberal thinking," said the economist at the start of the 13 near his presentation to the Senate Committee on Arrangements.

"The first project that I defended as a deputy in 2005 was the payment to the IMF with the Central Bank reserves," said Marco Del Pont and said "it makes good economic policy" the use of reserves to pay debt.

"I came out publicly to support (the decree), which I thought was a strategic and virtuous fact that Argentina had this mattress (reserves) to keep the alternatives for the adjustment," he said.

"We act as quickly as NUD merits and with all the law. No funds had been transferred when the President gave his speech," the economist regarding the transfer of the reserves of the BCRA to the Debt Relief Fund.

"I am absolutely calm the central bank acted in complete legality, following all the steps and procedures, and not so while the President was giving his speech we were doing the transfer," said Marco del Pont in his appearance before the Senate the Nation.

He added that the approval of NUD, was based on Article 11 of the charter of the Central Bank for cases that warrant "emergency" and also had two internal advisory opinions of the entity and the previously issued by then-Treasury Solicitor of the Nation.

The legislators agreed that Marco del Pont is presented in the Senate at the request of the officer, after the opposition signed a majority report rejecting his statement at a meeting of the Committee on Arrangements that attended the ruling.