Campanella's film has chances to become the second Argentine film to win the award. In Hollywood, all ready

Perhaps some superstitious start crossing your fingers. To do if you think it will work. Is that the Los Angeles Times wrote yesterday: "The secret of his eyes," the movie by Juan Jose Campanella, has chances before their competitors for the category Best Foreign Language Film. Germany's "The White Ribbon," France "A Prophet", the Peruvian "The Empty Nest" and Israel "Ajami" are competing. At this point, when missing just two days in the countdown, the die is cast, the members of the Academy have already sent their ballots. There is only trust, or cross your fingers, or truly believe that Ricardo Darin, who went to Hollywood when he competed with "The Son of the Bride" will be the cabal, since, as he said, and that time was not now. If Monday morning cries are heard in the nearly asdel í an obelisk, will Darín, which will fulfill the promise: "If we win, do I fart and I go to Obelisk Olympic turn. "The rest? "Avatar" and "Living on the edge" are the most nominations, with nine each.