he friendly against Germany was more than a match between two world champions. It was Maradona and his players for the final round, the final exam, 99 days before the World Cup in South Africa. A test that could define the eleven to debut against Nigeria, back in June, but especially that it would take the security of knowing that Diego has more that 80% of the list that says it.

With all that in the inkwell, was totally forgotten the historic duel, the pike, between Argentines and Germans, with two ends of the world including, without forgetting the last World Cup, with the shock and criminal Pekerman left the team out of the Cup

It was Germany which suggested first. Low's team started playing, side to side, looking for spaces in the Argentine background, always with the ball on the floor. But he lasted just a couple of minutes these attempts to local football. Because Argentina was an unknown facet in the process of Diego and began to pressure in the attacking half. And with little forward.

The first goal situation could be seen just 12 minutes of game after a good combination between Messi, Higuain and Di Maria, who defined from the left and crossed out before the referee annulled by a non-existent offside. It was the single, long, in a game began to get stuck in the midfield with great need and lack of precision when shared.

Argentina seemed to be the key to the left. With Di Maria closing, making the diagonal toward the middle and Gabriel Heinze from behind to surprise Jerome Boatneg and Schweinsteiger. For this sector arrived just this one situation to score.

When the mark, the bottom, solid, despite a central hub between Miroslav Klose failed to capitalize, the same who became Germany 2006 to send Argentina to the fateful criminal. True, they had never come up to disturb too much to generate any anxiety. That helped the first half to become one of the best defense in the process of Diego.

The second chance was again for Argentina, again by Di Maria, the man that Manchester United have offered 40 million euros. Former Central faced by the center, broke the waist of a defender and after passing between the two central, left-footed finish off the left post burst after a touch of goalkeeper Rene Adler. Second chance for Argentina against any danger of the Teutons.

No spaces in the back and center midfield, Germany decided to go out and abused by the centers. All, well controlled by Sergio Romero at high altitude and strong without too much effort into rival attacks. Just one of them came against which team was going to give Maradona the advantage to go into halftime.

At 45, Walter Samuel turned down a ball that was to control Romero, Javier Mascherano and lowered Di Maria did not hesitate to throw a ball for Higuain run. The Pipita departed from his own half, beat back the German defenders and after a touch that did pass by Adler, defined with confidence to the free arc. Selection for a deserved lead with another face. A more beautiful than the Qualifiers.

The beginning of complement brought two bad news for Diego. At 2 minutes, Heinze felt discomfort in his leg and let him place Clemente Rodriguez, one of those who risk their chance of being on the list. But it was doubly bad, because a while later, Michael Ballack kneed him to Demichelis, who also had to leave replaced by Nicolas Burdisso.

Amid injuries, Higuain Adler and generated pressure on the goalkeeper's error, that Veron failed to capitalize. Attempt at the top of the captain of Students, just wide.

Low tried to give a change of course the party with Latin blood. So he joined Cacau, who partnered with Mario Gomez (Spanish grandparents) to face a little change to the local selection. Argentina had a dip between 20 and 30 minutes and that was when the Teutons had their only chance of scoring concrete. Ballack taco enabled to Cacau, who finished from the outside into the hands of Romero.

Diego tested with Tevez instead of Pipita, but Argentina did not generate much more. The man pushed the City, a role that fits her like a glove, but never a chance to break ties in the background, even joining Messi, who is still not destabilizing the player that everyone expects to see in the selection.

Germany Argentina looked very shy and well controlled. Iced the game with touch and good control of the ball. This was the last big test for Maradona. In the last review of Diego and company, the selection was rather larger than a passing illusion and clears up the road towards South Africa.


Germany Rene Adler, Jerome Boateng, Per Mertesacker, Serdar Tasci, Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Michael Ballack, Piotr Trochowski, Mesut Ozil, Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose.

Argentina Sergio Romero Nicolas Otamendi, Martin Demichelis, Walter Samuel, Gabriel Heinze, Javier Mascherano, Jonas Gutierrez, Juan