Before traveling to Argentina, please make sure you have a complete and current personal documents. We tell you what documentation must present at customs and other security tips and advice that could be of great utility.

To enter Argentina from the United States, as a tourist, you should only display your passport. No visa is required. The maximum stay is ninety (90) days. If you wish, you can extend it for another similar term introducing yourself in any of the offices of the National Immigration before the original deadline expires.

If you are from other countries do not forget to check with the consulate before traveling.
Remember protect and guard well your passport in a safe place.

To enter Argentina you will not require any specific vaccination. However considers an exception and a suggestion. If you come from countries where cholera and yellow fever are endemic diseases must display your certificate of vaccines against these diseases. The suggestion is that if you are in the jungle areas of northern Argentina, near the Iguazu Falls, is recommended, but not required, vaccination against yellow fever.

For international and regional flights are permitted to enter the country without payment of duty, clothes, personal items and new merchandise up to a limit of u $ s 300 (u $ s 150 for children under 16 years). Products purchased in free shops (Duty Free Shop) Arrival, add another $ s 300 tariff exception.

Pets like dogs and cats, must perform a simple procedure to enter the country. You must submit the health certificate required by your country to the output of the animal. The certificate of rabies vaccination and your pet should not present at the checkup signs or symptoms of disease. Finally you only need to pay a small fee.

Lost luggage.
If you happen this setback during the trip, you should contact your airline or cruise line. However if the loss occurred within the airport or port of entry, you should go immediately to the Airport Security Police (PSA), present in all airports and ports in the country way.

Car Rental
Major car rental companies are present in Argentina. They have offices in major airports agencies such as Alamo, Hertz, Avis and located. Remember to check with your credit card and representatives in your country car rental agencies the details of your trip before proceeding. To move around the country you must have international driving record.

Currency exchange
You can safely buy your local currency at official offices of the National Bank located in the country's airports. You can also do in the houses of official changes in the financial center of Buenos Aires. To avoid annoying situations do not answer the proposed street hawkers or friendly characters appearance. Get advice before the concierge of your hotel or local friends. These proposals represent high risk for foreigners. The Tourist Ombudsman you can familiarize yourself with the notes and coins are legal tender in Argentina. Credit cards are widely accepted by American Express, VISA, Diners and Master Card.

Tourist information
When you reach the country'll find airports and ports, various tourist service centers arranged by the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina. There bilingual staff will guide you and provide maps and directions. If you prefer, you can also call the dedicated line for tourists (0800-555-0016).

The City of Buenos Aires also features Tourist Information Centres (TIC), located in neighborhoods and places most frequented by tourists. Each province and attraction has its own information center. Do not hesitate to request your assistance.

Argentina wants to tourists and ensures their safety. In the City of Buenos Aires and several provinces of the country, you have government agencies dedicated special attention to the tourist way. In Buenos Aires the Tourist Police Station to put at your disposal a hotline (0800-999-5000), in addition to its central offices.
Tourist Ombudsman also offers you the line (4302-7816) and several offices for your attention sited for large turnout. Finally, always remember to keep your personal and valuable to safeguard objects at all times. Do not neglect your wallet and do not hesitate to go to the authorities to suspicious situations.

God Bless You
When traveling it is always advisable that you take out travel insurance with medical coverage. It is a way to add security to your trip. Be sure to hire a local company you trust before the trip. This support will make your stay more enjoyable. However, in an emergency or a simple headache in Argentina you will find very good care centers. Remember that the cost of private health care in Argentina are similar to those in your country or Europe. Once the medical attention, you can consult the Tourist Ombudsman to ensure a fair tariff.