Behind the controversy over the house where the family is living Brenda Asnicar, there was an intense rlación actress joined with Carlos Tevez and finished.

"Brenda and we parted on very good terms. And we did it by phone because the biggest problem we had were our different Adrenaline activities,"said the player told the magazine Paparazzi.

Tevez defined the relationship as "very nice, beautiful" and said there was no tension at any time: "There never was no cry, we always speak in good terms. Towards the end there was a disagreement, it was not even a fight. I had a great time at her side. "

On some said he is there by the mother of Asnicar which highlighted that there was much difference in age between them. "I talked to Brenda and told me that these statements were not true. And she said that her mother would never think something bad about me, "he said.

He also explained that he bought a house $ 300 000. "She bought a house with money from his father. It was just when he signed his employment contract. I have nothing to do, "he said.

Tevez said that there was no umpire in the separation and although now everyone goes on, "later nobody knows what can happen. "