After leaving the label "Disney girl" so rooted in his image after five years of successive seasons starring in the hit series Hannah Montana child and adolescent, Miley Cyrus became a pop star worthy heir of the empires built by Disney and other former Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. So much so that your special requests on their way through Argentina, where he lands in the context of Gypsy Heart tour, no less flamboyant than those of other pop divas of the moment.

To begin, he asked that the cars are used to move it gray or black, colors that add a touch of elegance and distinction to adorn their way through the city.

Its rooms and dressing rooms must have six pre washed towels and freshly ironed, for warmth and softness of cleaning. Also six hand towels, enough to wipe his forehead between the numbers and more controllable than the giant shower.

Like all star worthy of the name, the fruits are the source of energy. Like any star, must be exotic fruits. So Fiji apples, strawberries, although we are not in season, lemons, bananas, grapes, walnuts, almonds, cashews, among other dried fruits.

But not everything will be dietary. Proteins are essential for good nutrition and to cope with the fast pace of a tour where the time change and constant physical effort of each function means a challenge for every human body. So, also calls for the alcove protein bars, chocolates, cookies and peanut butter chips.

Like every teenager, Miley will not be deprived of sweets and chewing gum. Neither of his bowl of cereal of various brands.

To hydrate is very strict: just take Evian water and fruit juices of orange and apple. As for the tea that every singer uses to take care of your throat and vocal cords, order coffee, to be served in four cups of glass, tea, four cups and four platos.El you with various specifications, should be served with honey lemon and ginger in preheated cups.
Ends the list tajear knife fruits and other parts.

Just meeting all these requirements, Miley will feel at home in order to offer the best of its functions to the thousands of fans and look forward to seeing the great staging with which America runs Friday in the Stadium River.