Brenda Asnicar returned home after spending the past two months in Europe, where he held several shows of Antonella in concert, and met with chambers of PM. When questioned by Pia Shaw about his recent separation from Carlos Tevez, she decided to talk to the reporter and tell, for the first time, the truth about the relationship: "All this time I was dating Charles never wanted to give an interview simply because I think the talk about it, ends up being worse. "

Then, the former "Divina" Patito Feo, said: "I had a divine year with Carlos, is an excellent person and I love him very much. But good things come to an end and it was good that also respects my social circle, "he said in reference to rumors that his family had settled in a house in Manchester City striker.

A little hurt, Asnicar continued defense of his family: "The house was crazy and so my dad also went to speak to clarify. And I felt healthier than I did for my family. They said thousands of things that could have gone to deny but I decided not to talk because I think q is worse. The strongest comments caught me on the outside, fortunately. "

She also took the opportunity to dispel those assumptions against Tevez from his mother: "It was not. Carlos is a person who wants all my family circle, is an amazing person with a divine family. That's all I'm going to clear because neither he nor I deserve to say that my mom says a thing. This is the last thing I want to talk. I re good things with him were great, I love him very much, I love it, "Brenda ended.