Diego Maradona is very close to be a coach again. The former coach of the Argentina is in Dubai negotiating a multimillion dollar contract with the team Al Wasl of UAE. Diego is so close to signing his contract for two years, until in the beginning one of his relatives confirmed to the Ten Clarín.com had already put the hook. But we have to wait. Because Maradona is eager to accept the proposal, but is still negotiating. So eager is it to him to the stadium where he jumped to the turf club, greeted about 200 fans waiting for him anxious and excited and talked to some players who were in the middle of a soccer practice.

"This is paradise," Maradona said when he arrived in Dubai. Jean hat, blue polo shirt and shorts with white stripes, the beard and long hair. A look similar to the World Cup, although away from the formal gray suit she wore to the bench in South Africa.

Is it true that Maradona will continue his coaching career in Dubai? Could it be another false rumor? "If Diego is there, something is," he told a member of his staff to Clarin. "Imagine that out of Ezeiza Diego and go to Dubai ...", added the same source.

The urge could redirect more. Diego's fate in the end it will be England, or a selection. Neither Argentine football, where Maradona claimed to be "forbidden" by Julio Grondona. But the unknown Al Wasl in Dubai. Why? It is true that the offer is more than looks juicy Diego, also will not put obstacles to bring his entire coaching staff (that would have been the reason for his dismissal of the selection), the same who accompanied him during the World Cup : Alejandro Mancuso and Hector Enrique as field assistants, plus the teachers and Javier Fernando Signorini Vilatmijana, but what really appeals to Diego is another thing. "After so many things that were said, Diego you are looking for tranquility. Peace and quiet. In addition to a new market that is growing fast. But those who go there is because they want peace. And there is not anyone think that they went to live Figo and Beckham, "an insider told the Ten.
Everything indicates that Maradona will sign his contract for two years and will the diver DT Al Wasl (no Argentines on campus, but 4 Brazilian, Chilean and Spanish Edson Puch Fran Yeste).

Original Source: Clarin