She was chosen among 6 000 national and international applicants to be one of the dreamers of the 2011 edition of "Dancing for a Dream. " But it seems that the star Ethel Almada resigned to become the second Paraguayan in the contest. Why? He met his duo, boxer Fernando "Scab" Castro.

While his compatriot Larissa Riquelme managed to be the first to sign with the producers of ideas in the South to participate in the contest, Almada preferred to stay out or be part of the "pool "of dreaming before you have to dance with the Argentine boxer who, after the footsteps of Fabio "La Mole" Moli, decided to become one of the surprises of this year's show.

"I live for dance, I prepared all my life, I have an excellent technique and my dream is to apply it, " apologized Almada. "When they told me who my duo decided that it would be an ideal way for people to see my real performance, " said the unpretentious star, who was supposed to represent Paraguay in the show that leads Marcelo Tinelli by The Thirteen.

Meanwhile, Roña was left dancing alone.