Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen and her American husband Tom Brady, football figure, with a poultry and fruit trees for their own consumption at his home in Los Angeles, revealed the top model in an interview published Sunday in the Folha de Sao Paulo.

"Not like anything that is industrialized and never gave any such food for my son.'m Fifty trees planted fruit trees in my house and I have a particular hen house," said actress and model.

However, Bündchen admitted having a chicken at home caused surprise to the friends of the couple.

"Many foreign friends saw it. But what is the problem of raising chickens?" I have fresh eggs every day and I love the farm environment. I have a home you can feel at the home of my grandparents, who were all simple and all fresh foods, prepared at the time, "he said.

The couple is finishing building a mansion in Los Angeles, United States, which the American press has a market value of $ 20 million.

On the other hand, Bündchen was pleased to launch this week in Sao Paulo a popular women's wear collection, different from the sophisticated creations that are used to march.

"I consider it unfair that people can not buy something comfortable and stylish just because they can not afford," said the model, who recalled his humble origins and that before being a star had to share her clothes with the other four sisters because their parents were not intended to support them all.

Reading Brazilian spiritual leader Chico Xavier (1910-2002), a fan of singers Bob Marley and Jack Johnson and movie "Gone with the Wind," Bundchen said that Brazil is also on for the first time a woman as president .

"I saw a woman start a war?" I have nothing against men, but I think that women are less aggressive in their decisions. This feminine sensitivity required for a position as the president of Dilma (Rousseff). I hope that, with it, the country grows in a conscious, "he said.