Osama Bin Laden has been murdered. A man was killed "selectively." And the U.S. president, Barack Obama says that "justice has been done." A Nobel Peace Prize, said "justice has been done."

The military leader of the world's most dangerous, would have us believe that revenge is justice. American cultural machinery that criticism, and often with reason, human rights violations in several countries worldwide, shut up today outside the summary execution of terrorist allegedly responsible for one of the greatest humiliations suffered by the United States in its history.

In a fit of honesty Obama said "we are reminded again that the U.S. can do what he wants. That is our history. " A good listener, few words. Can easily interpret the Kill Bill-style threat the United States. If you mess with us, the evil will, seems to say. Thousands of Americans celebrating in the streets and Obama climbs in polls.

The United States also recognized that operated in Pakistan without notifying the government of that country. Do not believe that they have to. Justified revenge. And international law has no value when those who should be respected are the owners of the ball.

International law and the most basic and elementary human rights, states that "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty", however, the White House admits that the order given was "Kill Bin Laden." Catch it, make a fair trial, with opportunity for defense, and he was actually ordered to justice.

Bin Laden, was perhaps to be true all of what is charged, a ruthless murderer. But I had the same rights as everyone.

With the death of Laden, we have lost the opportunity to learn more about the details of the relationship of Al Qaeda with the CIA, other governments around the world, and given the opportunity to defend all the charges you were charged on their backs.

With the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the United States missed an opportunity to demonstrate that it can do real justice. That are capable of defending those values ​​they claim the rest of the world. Above all, they lost the opportunity to demonstrate that among those terrorists that they are pursuing and they there is a difference.

Originally posted in Listao