The love between Carlos Tevez and Brenda Asnicar ended, and this time is final, while the Manchester City player would have asked the young actress who will return the $ 350,000 house he bought in the fork, San Isidro.

Amid rumors of a break and criticism from her parents by the age difference between them and Asnicar Tevez had shown kissing in Milan a month ago, but today the pair would be dissolved. The "Apache" and former "Divine" de "Patito Feo" took different paths, she continued her tour of Italy and came to Argentina to visit and was seen with a mysterious brunette on the show "La Mona" Jiménez .

But among the loose ends left following the issue of the house that the footballer, 26, would have bought Asnicar, 19, in the same neighborhood where his ex-wife, Vanessa Mansilla, with two daughters, Florence and Katie.

Apparently, love would have gone and the desire to leave a roof as a souvenir so I would have asked back, according to the Chronicle newspaper in its print edition.

"I can only say good things about Carlos" he had said in an interview Asnicar. But her father, Gustavo Asnicar, who clarified that the alleged request, and the gift itself, "is totally a lie."

"I do not know what purpose it will dicicendo" Asnicar father surmised. "It is our home, we have our legitimate purchase, working life. We do not receive anything from anyone and what I have, I have to have worked as one of the sons of God," he said in a communication with program "AM".

"I do not mean it's wrong for someone to get something because they give away or because they help, but it hurts me to say things that are not. Damage to the family dignity," the father of the Asnicar. Apparently, the house in question is worth $ 350 000 and is in Martinez and not in the fork.

But Asnicar not say more. "We're a media family. Brenda has been working for 10 years and that has to be appreciated. What you bought it," said the father.

A few months ago, a magazine published photos of Tevez and the former "Divina" by the streets of Martinez, where they were looking at properties. "We have followed us, looking at houses to buy. From then on, it spun a lie," surmised Mr Asnicar.

"I saw him Carlitos or three times and asked for an autograph," said Asnicar father, willing to settle the question forever.