The social peace agreement signed three weeks ago the Government companies and oil workers, who would act as a benchmark for other sectors, had its first serious setback. During the weekend crackdown worsened the senior staff at the sites of YPF in Chubut and Santa Cruz, who had started on Wednesday indefinite strike to demand payment of wage differentials.

In response, late yesterday the company "conducted by the Eskenazi family, decided to suspend its operations in Santa Cruz, so that their deposits will stop producing oil and gas. Through a statement, said that YPF "decided to cease production of hydrocarbons in the northern part of Santa Cruz in the wake of violent incidents during the weekend by members of the union hierarchy in Heras. The company will continue with this decision until the conditions are ensured for normal development of activities. "

The corporate decision Sunday night had begun to take shape on Friday. That day the company "began to send telegrams to dismiss," explained José Lludgar, head of the guild hierarchy, in The Chronicle. "In a meeting decided to withdraw all staff union. The production is falling every day because there is no maintenance. They themselves will have to stop, "he said minutes before the company announces its decision.

Lludgar, one of the signatories of the social peace, rejects the statements of those who accuse him of breaking the agreement. "Here there are 12 operators and none violated the collective bargaining agreement. So we had no problems with them, "he said.

The union demands recognition YPF union membership of senior staff and full payment of the additional convention, representing a pay gap of between $ 6,000 and $ 8,000.

The conflict concerned in Buenos Aires Patagonia. YPF Tuesday happens to make an important announcement (see page 6) with the presence of Cristina Fernandez, who may be marred by disputes in the South. Break also one of the peace agreement, which stipulates that "it is essential that working relationships are developed within a framework of social peace and the absence of conflict."

Source Cronista