Tea with honey and lemon. Always. Even when the wind chill is over thirties summer on the eve of Buenos Aires. Elena Roger has to take care of your voice the whole year, because his performance schedule is always full of obligations to the song, either in London or cold in his native Argentina. After a year of twists and turns, awards everywhere, picking up the success it achieved with Piaf and several projects on the horizon, Elena arrived in Buenos Aires to stay, at least for "almost all of 2011."

Mina re-released today ... che sei thing? the musical in honor of the Italian singer who transcended with that nickname, call Anna Maria Mazzini papers. Along with Diego Reinhold and Valeria Ambrosio, put together this book in 2003, and Elena went to the anteroom of his international success. Carried to the extreme virtuosity that demand local and placed at the height of the great performers in the world. Then came Evita in London, reconicimiento, and the boom of Elena, "Argentina's triumphs in the world."

Now is the character we all want to know. Susana Gimenez, invited her to his last show this year, where he sang one of the themes in the repertoire of Mina ... and became a "trending topic" on Twitter (the word or phrase cited at a given point in the network). "All because I will act with Ricky Martin in Evita," joked the singer, between sullen and proud, in a talk with hola.com.ar, and bursts out laughing. Is really tired after a day of meetings with the press, photo shoots and events. But it can not contain their excitement at the imminent premiere of a work which marked his career and he is very fond. "It's a reunion of friends, said, without hiding the nostalgia of those times of pure artistic research" is back together, the return to innocence, to play, mischief, which for us was at this time Mina. .. Now, we all have other experiences, we are bigger. will be that in the show. All that we live in addition to what we do as artists. "

Will be only three functions: today, tomorrow and Saturday at the Opera Theatre, Citi. The return of a fleeting musical gem, "almost a mime", as defined by Diego Reinhold, partner of Ellen in the play that premieres tonight at 21.

After the "mime", comes new year: the holidays, reuniting with friends, enjoy. "This year I want to use the time in Buenos Aires, see my people, hang out with friends. But I also do things other than just theater. I will venture into the cinema with a film of Paula Hernández. I'm going to move a little doing what came before, "he explains, and she looks anxious. Film is something I always wanted to try, she says, and the opportunity was given at the right time. The film is called A love for life, and his co-stars are Luis Ziembrowski and Diego Peretti.

The time is right, because later there will be no time. In 2012, New York forward, and the premiere of Evita, the musical that starred in London and won him the Lawrence Olivier, and now do with Ricky Martin. "It generates a lot of joy to work with a professional on your height and quality. Being with him, know he has a very good energy, very positive, I think it will be like working with a star, hard," he explains, but the expectation is great, because we still did not know who their co-fitted in the musical about the life of the "standard bearer of the humble." However, he said that does not generate extra pressure that working closely with an artist as famous: "I'm not fanatical about anything, so I feel I'll be working with a couple, not someone that I have so high. I'm glad not to have to reach so high. "

She looks relaxed and satisfied with their professional time. No wonder: in the eyes of any lover of music, touching the sky with your hands. But it's not enough. There is no ceiling for this artist: "I have a style. I do not like to put limits," he says, with firmness of one who knows that the show has just begun.