The Argentine player Carlos Tevez was photographed by the newspaper The Sun UK, which shows a series of images of Manchester City with his girlfriend, actress Brenda Asnicar Argentina.
The romance between former Boca Juniors player and actress, who both rumors originated, now would be confirmed, because the images are compelling. It is known that the popular front, last March, he distanced himself permanently from the mother of his two children, Vanessa Mansilla.
In early July this year, the site Primiciasya announced the romance between the player born in Fort Apache and actress Brenda Asnicar, who was learned in the media for their successful participation in the strip Patito Feo.

Family party

But at that time was not fully confirmed and now known players in the dating is not allowed to see and nothing was said to the media. Not be ruled out that the rumor has fallen into disrepute, as it was the most unexpected romance.
However, what until a few months ago was a rumor, now with the advent of home video in which Carlitos Tevez is participating in a family reunion of the family Asnicar, confirmed the romance that just came out yesterday in England, a country where he plays former Boca striker.
Yesterday, the newspaper The Sun published two photos in which they can see Charlie and Brenda very caramel and gentle when smiling for the photo flashes. One fact speaks for itself, as the protagonists of romance were provided to the photos and made clear that there is engagement and confirmed.
While Carlos Tevez is going through a bad time at the club Manchester City and asked to be sold to another club, in terms of love is happy with his current partner.

Before World

The romance began before the World Cup held in South Africa but recently came to light in our country when site confirmed that the newly formed couple had spent a weekend in Bariloche.
"Carlos (Tevez) kept on the arm to Brenda Young for much of the trip and smiled at every glance surprise from the paparazzi", is told in the newspaper.
According to British media have, Tevez definitively distanced himself from the mother of his daughters, Vanessa Mansilla, in March, although the reality is that it is distanced from a year ago, when maintained a romance with model Mariana Paesani.

Source: Diario Popular