With a spectacular coup de Vanina Escudero during his performance, last night began to draw the highlights of ShowMatch.

The night was like all the fights and excessive emotions characteristic of the cycle that leads Marcelo Tinelli until he played dance Vanina Escudero. His performance required a catch: her partner was thrown through the air and deal with, but the skill went wrong. The star fell and hit back strongly, head and mouth.

Immediately, the doctor who was in the studio decided it was best to move her to a sanatorium to perform a scan. So she was seen with a neck brace. First was assisted on a stretcher and then in a wheelchair. His sister, Silvina, cried inconsolably, "I'm angry about what happened. It's unfair. " Jurors and the driver tried to calm her, but to no avail. Throughout the night, he saw the heavily shocked.

Despite the fall, Vanina was among the four semifinalists, with phone voting. The star-absent at the time, had to compete against Sofia Zamolo model that was eliminated from the competition.