The Federal arrested a subject nicknamed Prett, who recorded child porn films and provided the material to a dozen countries. He was recognized in a recording with a kid of 10 years.

A network of pedophiles and producers of child pornography that was foiled by police in recent days had branches in at least five provinces and provided material for pedophiles than a dozen countries.

The key moment of the police operation took place last night when it was raided in the city of Lanús, Buenos Aires, a home equipped as a production of pornographic images, whose owner, 31, arrested, abused for it in young children.

Federal police seized 26,000 photos there and 90 hours of video recordings of child pornographic. Detectives found several cameras mounted to film scenes there.

The police action has been preceded by an investigation that originated in 2009 by the federal police of Australia on an international network of distribution of child pornography on the Internet.

The Australian police discovered that the connections are extended to Chile, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, India, China, United States, France and Argentina.

Research The Canberra Brigade alerted the Federal Police Argentina that the network administrator, who gave the name "Prett," seemed to operate from Argentina.

Research in the country shot raids in Tucumán, Salta, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Buenos Aires.
Yesterday in Rosario, Santa Fe police made five raids in search of members of a distribution network of child pornography, with connection in Spain, but are still investigating whether it is the same organization.

They were arrested a 55-year civil engineer and a photographer of 45 and images were seized. The material seized in many of the procedures within the home mainly reveals the origin of the production of pictures and videos, and also gave clues to reach the alleged "Prett 'in a house Muniz at 600, Lanús, southern suburbs.

The accused, aged 31, whose victims are between 4 and 8, is in solitary confinement and will be investigated in the next few hours, according to a source of the Superintendent of Federal Investigations of the Federal Police.

Researchers at the Technology Crimes Division and Crime Analysis describe the subject attracted to boys their own neighborhood with video games.

A first analysis of the images allowed the researchers to identify Prett in many scenes, and also recognize a boy of 10 years, relative of the detainee and also one of his victims.

Intervened in the case Prosecutor Research Unit 12. The detainee, now held incommunicado at the Departmental Research Lomas de Zamora, was charged with aggravated sexual abuse, possession of child pornography for distribution and production of such material.

Source Cronica