During the month of November, to decide what questions they wanted him to Messi, children worked in the classroom have the right to sport and play, enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Apart from developing the questions, have games using recycled materials. This, to meet today with Messi in the Nou Camp and ask questions about his beginnings, his work with children and the rights of children and sports.

"Sport unites us, we make friends with children of other ages, other countries ..." said FC Barcelona. "I believe that together we can help many children. I collaborated with UNICEF because it is worldwide, reaching many children, "he said. He further explained that the fact of being an international athlete and his team "is seen worldwide and has many fans, should serve to make us an example."

The children asked him what he would get a goal injustice, to which you would like answered Messi scoring a goal against "serious disease with very young children." He recalled that since its foundation, has undertaken initiatives such as children with disabilities, for whom a park has been adapted into a hospital in Barcelona.

Haiti was present at the event. Leo Messi went there this summer to learn the situation of those affected by the earthquake and the work of UNICEF: "It was a beautiful, yet complicated, you see many things on TV about what happened and what is happening, but is hard to see you there. " The Argentine player wanted to take the time to remember that "the problems persist, and even more complicated, we must continue to assist Haiti, we can do a lot and they still need us."

One of the questions that made her laugh the Ambassador of UNICEF was the video that came in the voice of a group of children in Argentina: "Can you imagine when you played football at the school that would become your profession?". "When I did it because I liked it, because I enjoyed it. I still do it yourself, because I enjoy the ball, the pitch and play. "

On its inception, Leo Messi has not forgotten his grandmother, "who was the first that made me play football. Then he could see everything going well, but I always think you're up there. " Does not forget that at first, his professional life was not easy, "because I was a kid and everything was new, but it was my decision, I took thirteen years for attempting to achieve a dream here. My family supported my decision. "

To several questions about his future in football, said "today I would not go to another club, this is my home." Also on the girls responded in the first division: "I think very well, I'm for equality between boys and girls."

To conclude the ceremony, the children played soccer and the games themselves were recycled materials. "You recicláis on the team?" He asked. "We tried, but we can do more."

Leo Messi and UNICEF

Leo Messi was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Fund for Children, UNICEF, in March this year, thus expanding its commitment to vulnerable children in the world. Since then he has participated in various activities of the organization and traveled to Haiti last summer to learn the situation of families affected by the earthquake. Haiti experienced first hand the consequences of a large natural disaster has on millions of children.

This year he participated in the campaign "Brothers for life" for the prevention of HIV in South Africa and has worked in special programs to benefit UNICEF in Argentina.

Education Development

Most children who participated in this meeting with Leo Messi belong to different schools working the program "Get Involved with UNICEF." This is an educational project aiming to promote children's rights and awareness of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. To prepare for his meeting with Messi, the children worked on the right to play and sport, as enshrined in the Convention as an essential vehicle for emotional development, physical, intellectual and social development of children.