The strange phenomenon caught him resting. Together with a friend, I could not believe my eyes at the top of the sky and the view.

"I q I just saw a plane on fire and falling! Unless q is still sleeping and this is a dream, "wrote Manu Ginobili Twiter your account. And much of his followers believed he was joking or was drunk. But a day later confirmed his comments: "q Q was what I saw last night? Nothing came nowhere?."

From his home in San Antonio basketball player was struck by a strange phenomenon that until now could not be explained.

Before his eyes and appeared in midair what could have been a UFO, a plane stellated facing the sun, or a storm.

Queries to the fans and seeing what I saw did not appear in the media decided to publish a low quality film where you see part of what he thought was a crashed plane.

"Someone saw me filming q, poor quality, but filmed. It is not HD, but there is q! See the 'fire' in the background," tweeted. Will have to wait that ufologists and paranormal experts analyze the images to know what really was surprised to Manu.