The unique way in which Carlos Tevez celebrated a goal last Sunday alerted the local art world, as many suspect that the former "Patito Feo" Brenda Asnicar might be pregnant.

The player made headlines around the globe over the weekend because the problems they had in the Club Manchester City seem to have ended after a performance on the field for the memory, becoming the man of the match with two goals applauded.

In celebration of the first goal, the Apache took in the sight of millions of viewers, still encounter instances of television, a pacifier in his half and put it in your mouth.

Quickly, English and Argentine journalists wanted to find an explanation for this celebration and the eyes fell upon the young actress Brenda Asnicar Argentina, who blanked an engagement several weeks ago.

The star of "Dream with me", you can see from the screens Telefe and Nickelodeon, was recently discovered by the English media, who were surprised by its beauty and freshness.

Rumors of an early pregnancy is multiplied, but so far no official confirmation. Some believe that pacifiers Tevez only referred to his two daughters who live with their mother in Argentina, but the question still hangs in the air.