They are two days trapped in an ice cave, after a storm swept through their camp. The weather conditions complicated the rescue. They are an experienced guide, his assistant and a Mexican tourist. "They are desperate," admitted the coordinator of the operation.

We live in hours of worry and anxiety in El Chalten, Santa Cruz. Three climbers are stranded since Tuesday in an ice cave in the Viedma Glacier when a strong wind and snow storm destroyed their camp. Rescuers work against the clock to get them out, but weather conditions hinder their arrival.

Those caught are Merlin Lipshitz, an experienced mountain guide from El Chalten, his assistant, and a Mexican tourist between 30 and 40 years who had hired him to make a journey that began eight days ago from Paso Marconi and should culminate in the Estancia Cristina. But adversity thwarted the plans. "They are desperate," he acknowledged Codó Carolina, the rescue coordinator after the last communication he held this morning with the climbers.

Lipshitz is a very experienced guy, but very scared and feels responsible for the other two people, "Elbow said. The nerves are increased as the hours pass, because the rescue group that started in your search can not reach the Nunatak Viedma, where they are, by the strong winds and heavy snow falling.

The rescuers, according to recent reports, are about two kilometers from the climbers caught, but the snow will severely hinders access to the ice cave that are Lipshitz and colleagues from Tuesday afternoon. They spent two nights there with wet clothes and Elbow considered essential rescue sooner, because he doubts whether they can withstand more under those conditions.

The Nunatak Viedma is a rocky area within the glacier. On Tuesday, the climbers were surprised by the storm that swept through their camp and forced them to make the cave where he remains. Lipshitz contacted his wife via a VHF radio and it was she who gave notice to National Parks. In addition, climbers have a satellite phone. Before the situation escalates, the guide was carrying a real time report of the expedition through her Facebook profile.

The operation involving some 35 people from the Relief suited commissions of El Chalten which, according to LU 23 Radio Lago Argentino, cover each other by slugs. One of the biggest problems is to get a helicopter to join the rescue, as the Rio Gallegos can not participate because it is in full flight hours. Is expected to reach one of Trevelin you can access by air to the cave in the glacier. "We hope to get them out this afternoon if there is a helicopter available," confided Codó.