Argentine Communist Party released a statement repudiating the deaths yesterday.

In a joint action by the Federal Police and the Metropolitan, were killed two colleagues from the Villa 20, Bernardo Salgueiro of Rosemary Puña 24 years and 28 years in the context of class actions for access to decent housing rights, constitutional law current and never met despite repeated promises of development and construction of thousands of homes made by macrismo.

The crackdown was instigated by the government of Macri, who paved the way for this crime with a long series of actions that violate human rights (which can be summarized in the very history of the Metropolitan) and in a speech discriminator, racist and classist which seeks a city for a few, mainly more affluent areas.

The joint action of the Metropolitan Police and federal to repress the people, is a key fact tragic consequences for the enjoyment of human rights in Argentina, who joined Ferreyra death and the events of Formosa is a sequence of enforcement actions that must be stopped immediately. It is for the autonomous city government to investigate the repressive actions of the police and punish those responsible. The opposition of the autonomous city corresponds to mobilize to demand an investigation of the metropolitan and city officials who instigated repression.

As the federal police respond to national government springs, it must take responsibility for the control and conduct of its security force to investigate fully, punishing the perpetrators of the act and also his inspiring politicians, even those who could act from a state level.

The Communists repudiate the crime of the companions of the Villa 20, we require your clarification, trial and punishment of the guilty as well as all acts of repression in recent weeks, we are convinced that the best way to defend the achievements and deepen it, is Latin America's nearing the time changes which require more and more democracy for the people is the builder of his destiny.