"I'm not willing to give body to this nonsense," said chief of staff, Aníbal Fernández, on a diplomatic cable that was released this evening and the talk of rumors about alleged connections to drug trafficking or Feedback handling .

In an interview with Oscar Gonzalez Oro, which will air tonight on C5N, Fernandez agreed to refer "first and only time" the cables that mention the president and Argentine officials.

"This is a U.S. problem, not ours. It's a problem the United States government and the Department of State. I'm not willing to give authority to such stupidity," he said.

"Is that seriously what is going on?", He asked Gonzalez Gold "From this has nothing serious. If serious, which happened two and a half years would have been logical consequences," he said.

Fernandez appears involved in rumors of corruption, alleged links to drug trafficking and espionage cases of political opponents, governors and judges, reports in September 2009 signed by the charge d'affaires of the United States Embassy in Buenos Aires, Thomas Kelly .

In new documents released by the website Wikileaks, it was pointed out that the official was also "linked" in jockeying for alleged "illegal" votes "additional" benefit of the ruling party during the legislative elections of June 2009 in the "provinces of Buenos Aires and Córdoba. "

"You know what you are doing. When I was Minister of Justice and Human Rights, we were the only government to stop drug gangs," mused the chief of staff.

"I feel more disappointed if Kelly wrote that. If it seems to me a mess and would indicate that his career is going into the garbage," said cabinet chief.

The report also states that Fernandez uses usually a speech and rude behavior, which was taken by humor by the national government official: "We never gave me the Earl of Chikoff, I express how I express myself."