Workers grouped in the Association of Employees of the health centers will march from the Obelisk to the headquarters of the head of government of the City. "We are getting worse," he told the nurse and CN23 ATE delegate, Elisa Castillo.

Nuclear work of the Association of State Workers (ATE) in healthcare facilities, physicians and held a march to demand better pay, more staff and looking for an "immediate" solution to the problems of infrastructure.

As part of the strike, the health staff, that hospital workers will join John P. Garrahan be mobilized from 13 from the Obelisk to the seat of government headquarters in Buenos Aires.

In the seat of government delivered a petition that included demands for wage increases, recovery of the Caja Municipal, solution "immediately" to the deficiencies in hospital, and provision of inputs, among other things.

Moreover, the nurse and ATE delegate, Elisa Castillo, and CN23 spoke with explained that the working conditions "are getting worse."

"No one wants to come to work at the hospital. Both residents and nurses prefer to go to a private clinic that paid triple what they charge here. Nor do we recognize as health personnel. We are nothing, "he said.

He explained that "emergency works are insured and the minimum and essential personnel." "Whenever we stop, because there are no people. On weekends we are two people to cover the whole area and not lower than 19 patients. There is one nurse to 17 patients, "he said.