Disposable containers are convenient, but actually accumulate more garbage, unless the use and transform. (Especially plastic bottles, which are slow to degrade).
The supermarkets give us bags, or carry our SLAs reutilicem basket.
The aerosol by gas polluter we use sprays, deodorants refillable ball.
Spent batteries pollute the earth in case of runs, we use rechargeable batteries that are more expensive but do not pollute.
One idea: we propose to collect piles of all households in the garden for a week or whatever you prefer. Making cement and use these batteries with cement as the basis for a kind of monument to our planet, or income basis (we can put a plate for example).
Ecol cleaning supplies we use cal: The lim n vinegar brightens and cleans the glass lowered and tiles.
Let's use the leaves of the two sides, flyers across blank est n serve to draw or make notes at home.
Buy items with the recycling symbol.
Clothes that do not use Mr. Mosler.
Do not let the water run in tilmente in ba ye p / ej
Do not leave unnecessary lights on.
The oil used for frying mam should not go to the pool because it does not degrade and contaminate the water.
C we use the remains of masks to enrich the soil by compost, see n as plants grow better.
Already in the supermarkets sell vegetables without fertilizers or pesticides, we begin to prefer them.
The low-energy lamps l are more expensive but they last 8 times m s.
If we take care of the fire camp we did this well off, endangered forests.
If we go to the beach, not throw bags or other residues in addition to s animals swallow the bags or get tangled in them and die.
Do not buy souvenirs made from endangered species.
Often use MS n Pool also famous for shopping, save fuel., Besides polluting the air less gas.
Do not open the fridge all the time, consume more energy to return to cool.